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May 13th - Letter from the Commissioner

Hello again everyone

I hope this message finds you all doing well. My last message included some guidelines that USA Softball of Hawaii created for getting back on the field that you could review. Now USA Softball has created some recommendations that can be used by all of us when the time comes that we can start back up. These recommendations are geared toward game conditions but a lot of the protocols can be useful in many situations. Also there's a Q&A about insurance that you should find helpful and more importantly a liability release specific to COVID-19 that everyone planning some type of team or league activity should use. As has been the case since this journey began there are still more questions than answers and the situation is constantly being assessed and reassessed. The words tentative and subject to change should be used liberally whenever discussions on returning to the field are held. 

I've heard from some of you in counties that are beginning to consider "opening up" and have been asked if it will be ok to start practice and even start to form your summer travel teams. The short answer is yes, but as I've said repeatedly any activity has to conform with the guidelines set forth by your local jurisdiction, which usually means your county health department and other local officials, and you also have to received the ok from whomever the field owner is that you receive your field permits from to get back on the field. Also there is no guarantee as to what future events will be held, if any, and if counties will allow players from other counties to participate in events that do take place. As I said, still more questions than answers. 

I hope you find the attached information from USA Softball helpful. I'll have another update for you next week after the USA Softball Board of Directors meeting. 


Please continue to take care. 
John Gouveia, Commissioner
USA Softball of Northern California